Business Opportunities Malaysia

Business Opportunities Malaysia


* You are offered a lifetime membership
* There are no annual renewal fees
* Your Qualifying Values are cumulative
* You never lose your ranking once you qualify for it
* There are no breakaways or flushing
* You can build an international business around the world.
* Rewards like prestige cars are given to you out right no payment plans
* There are seven types of bonuses and rewards you can earn

How Does the Marketing Plan Work?
The way that Tiens Marketing Plan is calculated is based on “Business Value” or BV.
1 BV = RM 1 (Ringgit Malaysia)
BV = Business Value
PBV = Personal Business Value
CBV = Cumulative Business Value
GBV = Group Business Value
TBV = Total Business Value

The First Steps
Register yourself as a Tiens Independent Distributor by purchase the Business Starter Kit for the minimal cost of RM 50 ( register NOW with us @ only SGD 10 ) That’s it! You’re now a fully fledged member of the Tiens family. This purchase makes you a 1-star Independent Distributor with a lifetime membership. This first step also entitles you to be able to purchase product at wholesale prices.

To begin to receive a rebate from your own purchases and bonuses from those you have introduced to Tiens, you can purchase product for yourself at a minimum 300 PBV in any one month and you’re on your way. You are now a 2-star Independent Distributor.

When your personal purchases accumulate 1200 PBV at this point you become a 3-star Independent Distributor and begin to receive a personal rebate of 20% on your own purchases and the Direct Bonus on the purchases from your personally sponsored frontline.

This 3-star ranking also entitles you to begin sharing in the Autoship bonus system. As your sales value increases, so does your ranking, your bonus levels and the type of bonuses available. You don’t need to introduce a whole army of people to become successful in this business, just a few who are committed to be successful like you.

As you progress through the ranks as an Independent Distributor, your marketing for Sales Value will be calculated based on this formula.

Star Rankings
1 Star Purchase Starter Kit RM 50.00
2 Star 300 PBV 5 %
3 Star 1,200 PBV 20%
4 Star 6,000 CBV + (3 x 3 Stars) 24%
5 Star 24,000 CBV + (3 x 4 Stars) 28%
6 Star 100,000 CBV + (3 x 5 Stars) 32%
7 Star 400,000 CBV + (3 x 6 Stars) 36%
8 Star 1,600,000 CBV + (3 x 7 Stars) 40%

Following the reference on the previous page to Star Rankings, these diagrams are simplified examples of business centres showing the multi level effect of duplication resulting in an exponential growth of the number of people promoting and using Tiens products in your busines



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