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If Allergy due to digestion problems: Tea(1X1) + Hi Fiber (1X3)

If Allergy due to certain catalysts such as: Sea Food or dust etc maybe due to immunity system: Cal 1(1X1) + DCC (3X2), Tea (1X1), plus Zinc (2X1)

If Allergy due to dirty blood, causes pas etc: Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Chitosan

If Allergy on skin: Cal (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) & apply vitality, toothpaste on skin

Alcoholic (See Addiction No. 24)


Cal (1X1) + Double Cellulose (3X3)/ Hi Fiber (2X1)

Antilip Tea (1X1) + Vigorous (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) if there is bleeding


Amputation, Cal (1X1) + DCC (3X2) + Chitosan (3X2) + Vigor (3X2)


For child’s immunity: Cal3 (1X1) + DCC (2X0.5)

For child’s intelligence: Cal3 (1X1) + Zinc (2X1) + Vitality (1X1) + IQ Meal (1X1)

For growth and appetite: Cal3 (1X1) + Zinc (2X1)

Anemia, Cal (1X1) + Spirulina (3X2) + Benefi (3X2)

Stomach Acid, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Hi Fiber (1X1) + Seabuckthorn (3X1) + Acupoint


Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1)/ Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) + Vitality (1X1)/ Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) + Vigor (2X1)

Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) + DCC (3X2) if due to crystallization of kidney

Asthma, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Benefi (3X2)

Autism, Cal3 (1X1), Vitality (2DaysX1), Zinc (1×1), Benefi (3X1)

Youth, Cal (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) + Benefi (3X2)

Cough, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) or Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X3)

Cough due to cigarette, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X3) + Chitosan (2X2) for detoxification

Bad Breath, Cal (1X1) + Double Cellulose (3X3) or Cal (1X1) + Mayfairer (1X1)

White Spots on Skin, Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X3) helps normalize skin cells

Swelling due to insect bites, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) to neutralize, apply toothpaste

Body Weight (See Diet no. 32)

After eating fattening food eat Chitosan (2 Capsules)

To lose weight: Antilip Tea (1X1) + Double Cellulose (3X3) + Chitosan (2X3)

To gain weight: Cal 3 (1X1) + Zinc (3X3)

Use Fat Sport Expert

Sneezing, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2)

Bronchitis, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Benefi (2X3)

Bulimia, Cal (1X1) + Double Cellulose (3X3) + Zinc (2X1)

Cigarette Addiction, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (3X2) to neutralize, DCC (3X2) and Benefi (3X2) to clean lungs, and use acupoint to neutralize toxic

Alcohol Addiction, Cal (1X1), Chitosan (3X2) to neutralize blood, DCC (3X2) and Benefi (3X2) to increase immunity, and use acupoint to neutralize toxic

Drugs Addiction, Cal (1X1), Chitosan (3X2) to neutralize/detox, DCC (3X2) and Benefi (3X2) to clean bloo, and use acupoint to neutralize toxic

Low Blood Pressure, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X3) + Vitality (1X1)

High Blood Pressure,

Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Tea (1X1) + Vigorous (2X2)

Use Acupoint + ABPR Comb + Tiens Dream

Dengue Fever, Cal (1X1) + DCC (3X2) + Vitality (1X1) or Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Chitosan (2X2) or Cal (1X1) + Spirulina (3X2) + So Fe Tablets (1X1)


To normalize blood sugar level: Cal 2 + Diacont (2X3) + Chitosan (2X3)

If there is an open wound, spread chitosan’s powder or DCC’s powder on wound. Do not bandage or close wound or let wet

For extra nutrition: Double Cellulose, Antilip Tea and Benefi


Caused by digestion problem: Cal (1X1) + Double Cellulose (3X3) + Acupoint

Caused by food poisoning: Cal (1X1) + Double Cellulose + Zinc (2X1) + Acupoint


For Children, Cal 3 (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Vitality (2DaysX1)

For Adults, Cal (1X1) + Benefi (3X2) + Vigorous (3X1) + Vitality (1X1)

Black Freckles, Cal (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) + Tiens Cosmetics

Teeth & Gum,

Toothache, Use acupoint + Cal (1X1) + Tiens Toothpaste

Swollen Gum, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Tiens Toothpaste

Teeth Strength, Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) + Tiens Toothpaste

Tooth Shaking, Cal (1X1) + Acupoint + Tiens Toothpaste

Bleeding Gum, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2)


For healthy kidney: DCC (3X2) + Acupoint

For kidney stones: DCC (3X4) + Vitality (3X1) + Acupoint

For kidney failure: DCC (3X2) + Spirulina (3X2) + Acupoint

Use of Calcium for kidney patient has to be specifically monitored

Gonorrhea, Cal (1X1) + DCC (3X2) and Doctor’s medication


Health while pregnant: Cal (1X1) + Zinc (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) + Spirulina (3X2)

Normalize milk after pregnancy: Spirulina (3X2)

Dry wound after pregnancy pour Chitosan’s powder

Pregnant women are NOT allowed to be treated by acupoint and are not allowed to consume Chitosan, Antilip Tea, and dietary nutrition such as Xlim Pack and so on.

Hepatitis, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2)

HIV/AIDS, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Benefi (3X2) to increase immunity

Immunity and Health

Cal (1X1) + DCC (3X2) + Vitamin Effervescent Tablet + Acupoint

Cal (1X1) + Lingzhe Spore (3X2) Vitamin Effervescent Tablet + Acupoint

Cal (1X1) + Panax Ginseng (3X2) + Vitamin Effervescent Tablet + Acupoint

Cal (1X1) + Lycopene Tablet (3X2) + Vitamin Effervescent Tablet + Acupoint

Cal (1X1) + Tibet Garlic (3X2) + Vitamin Effervescent Tablet + Acupoint

Cal (1X1) + Seabuckthorn (3X2) + Vitamin Effervescent Tablet + Acupoint

Insomnia, Cal (1X1) + Antilip Tea (1X1) + Sweet Dreams Granules (1X1) + Benefi ( 3X2) + Acupoint + Tiens Dream

Ions in the body, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2)


Heart’s health: Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Acupoint + Seabuckthorn (1X3) + Vigorous (1X3)

To avoid By-pass Surgery: Cal (1X1) + Vigorous (2X3) + DCC (2X2) + Benefi (1X1) + Acupoint

To help leaking at heart: Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X3) + Acupoint + Seabuckthorn (1X3)

Blockage: Cal (1X1) + Vigorous (2X3) + Acupoint

Swelling of Heart: Cal (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) + Benefi (2X3)


Cal (1X1) + Zinc (3X2) + Vitality (1X1) + Mayfairer (1X1) + Seabuckthorn Oil

Tiens Cosmetics

Bladder, problems holding on to urine. Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2)


Cancer (General): Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Vigorous (2X2) + DCC (2X2/2X3/2X4/2X5 depending on cancer stage) and Seabuckthorn (3X1), can be aided by using Antilip Tea & Benefi (3X2)

Breast Cancer: same as the above can be aided with Breast Care Apparatus

Intestinal Cancer: same as the above plus Double Cellulose

Sleepy, hard time to concentrate Cal (1X1) + Benefi (3X2) + Acupoint

Intelligence, Cal (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) / Cal Lechitin or IQ Meal

Bloated/Bloated Stomach, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Double Cellulose (3X3) + Acupoint


Headache due to hypertension, Cal (1X1) + Vigorous (2X2) + Antilip Tea + Acupoint

Headache due to migraine or lack of sleep, Cal (1X1) + Benefi (3X2) + Vigorous + Tea + Acupoint

Headache due to hypotension, Cal (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) + Acupoint


Cal (1X1) + Zinc (2X3) + Vitality (1X1) + Mayfairer (1X1)

Tiens Cosmetics

Acupoint + Jade

Fertility, Cal (1X1) + Zinc (2X2) + Vitality (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Maca (1X1)

Dandruff, Cal (1X1) + Zinc (2X2) + ABPR

Chemical, (detox chemical in the body): Cal (1X1) + Chito (3X2)


Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) or Cal (1X1) + Vigor (2X2)

Cal (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) or Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X3)

Leukemia, Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) + Vigorous (2X2) + Lycopene (3X1) + Seabuckthorn

Tired, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X1) or Cal (1X1) + Benefi (3X2)


To lose body fat: Cal (1X1) and Zinc (2X3)

Fat Sport Expert and Acupoint

Liver, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) can be helped with Chitosan (2X2)


To speed up healing of wound, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2)

Open Wound, Cal (1X1) and Vitality (2X2)/ Chitosan

Internal Wound, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Chitosan (2X2)

Burnt Wound, Vitality applied on wound or Chitosan poured to help healing of wound


Due to nerve problems, Cal (1X1) + Benefi (3X2) and assist with Vigorous (3X2) + Acupoint and Tiens Dream

Due to Stroke, Cal (1X1) + Benefi (3X2) + Vigor (3X2) + Acupoint + Tiens Dreams

Knee, Cal (1X1) + Vitality (1X1)

Gastric, Cal (1X1) + Double Cellulose (3X3) + Chitosan (3X2)

Malaria, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Chitosan (3X2)

Infertile, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Vitality (1X1) + Zinc (1X1) + Maca (1X1)

Emotional(Angry), Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X2) + Zinc (1X1)


Due to old age: Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) + Acupoint

Short/Long Sighted: Cal3 (1X1) + Acupoint + Antilip Tea + Eel Oil Softgel (3X1)

Clear Vision: Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1)


Menstruation Cramp: Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Acupoint

Irregular Menstruation Cycle: Cal (1X1) + Zinc (2X2) + Acupoint

Menopause, Hapyfem

Migrain, Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X2) + Vigorous (3X1) + Tea

Nose Bleeding, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) can be aided with Zinc (2X2) + Acupoint

Appetite, Cal3 (1X1) + Zinc (2X1)

Obesity, Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) + Double (3X3) + Chitosan (2X2) + Primrose Oil (1X1)

Osteoporosis, Cal (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) + Vigorous (1X3)

Lungs, Cal (1X1) + DCC (3X2) + Benefi (2X3)

Broken Bones, Calcium Chewable or Cal (1X1)

Children Growth, Cal3 (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) or Zinc (1X3)

Pharangritis, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Chitosan (3X2)

Parkinson, Cal (1X1) and Vigorous (2X2) can be aided with Antilip Tea (1X1)

Joints Pain, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2)

Senile, Calcium Lechitin and Vitality (1X1) + Acupoint

Prostate, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Chitosan (2×2)

Waist Pain, Cal (1X1) and DCC (2X2) + Antilip Tea


Hair Loss, Cal (1X1) + Zinc (2X1) + ABPR

White Hair, Cal (1X1) + Zinc + Antilip Tea (1X1) + ABPR

Dry Hair, Cal (1X1) + Zinc (2X1) + ABPR

Dandruff, Cal (1X1) + Zinc (2X1) + ABPR + Wash hair with antilip tea

Rheumatism, Cal (1X1) + Tea + Vitality can be aided with Beneficial & DCC

Ulcers, Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X3) and Zinc (2X3)

Constipation, Cal (1X1) + Double Cellulose (3X3)/Hi Fiber (2X1) + Acupoint

Cellulite, Antilip Tea (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) + Primrose Oil + Chitosan

Sinus, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Benefi (3X2)

Stamina, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X1) or Cal (1X1) + Benefi (3X2)

Stress, Cal (1X1) + Tea + Sweet Dream Granules + Benefi (3X2) + Acupoint + Zinc (1X1)


Stroke due to blockage: Cal (1X1) + Vigorous (2X2) + Tibet Garlic + Acupoint

Stroke due to burst vein: Cal (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) + Tibet Garlic + Chitosan + Acupoint

Tuberculosis, Calcium (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Doctor’s Medication

Hearing Problem, Calcium (1X1) + Acupoint


Cal (1X1) + DCC (3X2) + Throat Care Granules (3X1)

Chitosan, for throat infection

Typhoid, Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2) + Spirulina


Broken Bones, Cal (1X1) / Cal Chewable

Soft Bones, Cal (1X1)

Osteoporosis, Cal (1X1) + Zinc (2X2)

Growing Bones, Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X2)

Tumor, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Vigorous (2X2) + DCC (2X2/3X2/4X2/5X2 Depending on tumor stage), Can be aided with Antilip Tea + Benefi


Weak Intestine, Cal (1X1) + Double Cellulose + Acupoint

Wounded Intestine, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (3X2)

Vertigo, Calcium (1X1) + Benefi (4X4) + Vigorous (3X2)

Face (Skin)

Cal (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) + Benefi (2X3) + Sweet Dreams Granules (1X1) + Seabuckthorn (3X1)

Tiens Cosmetics, Acupoint, Chitosan



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