Tiens Group Co. Ltd.(”Tiens Group”), founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin, China, is a multinational conglomerate in fields like education, tourism, finance, international trade and e-business, etc. Tiens Group entered the international market in 1998. Nowadays, with a business covering over 190 countries, Tiens Group has set up branches in 110 countries and regions, and has established strategic alliances with top-ranking enterprises from over 20 countries. By producing health food, health care product, skincare product and household product, Tiens Group has become the lifestyle choice of health, happiness, beauty and affluence for over 16 million families worldwide.

Tiens Group is marching into the Fortune 500 with huge strides, based on an outstanding management system and state-of-the-art theories such as Six-Network Interaction Theory, New Swap and Alternative Theory, and New Supermarket Theory. As well as, of course, products and a story that are compelling, motivating and inspirational to the millions that today make up the family of TIENS.

Since the established of Tiens, Tiens has contributed to the society with its well recognized achievement around the world in building the brand. Below are the list:

The promulgation ceremony of The Third Asia Brand Ceremony was held on the 9 September 2008 at the Disney International Convention Centre in Hong Kong. Tiens Group was awarded “Asia Brand Top 500”, Mr Li Jinyuan, the CEO awarded the “Personality of the Year for Asia Brand 2008”.
On September 2, 2008,“Tianjin Tiens Biological Development Company” and “Tianjin Tiens Biological Engineering Company” passed the external audit for ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System and ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management System and also got the certificate.
Halal guarantee system of Tiens Group passed the supervision and audit of LP POM MUI organization of Indonesia and awarded grade A certificate on August 21, 2008.
After awarded the honour of “National Harmonious Relationship Corporation” in 2007,Tiens Group was awarded “The First Tianjin AAA Grade Harmonious Labour Relationship Corporation” on the 23rd July 2008 morning at Tianjin City Hall during the working meeting of boosting harmonious labour relationship for corporations in Tianjin.
Tiens Biological Development Co Ltd, Tianjin and Tiens Biological Engineering Co Ltd, Tianjin both received their ISO9001:2000 certificates on March 24th. Tiens have always been ISO certified for the past 10 years, a proof of its consistent and effective management.
In January, Tiens Group came top as the health food supplement brand of the year in the 2007 China Products For International Markets competition for the second year running.
On January 17th 2008 Tianjin Public Hygiene Bureau approved Tiens’ GMP practice for its health food supplements.

On November 20th Tianjin Tiens Group(Tiens Biological Engineering Co Ltd, Tianjin/Tiens Biological Development Co Ltd, Tianjin) was certified the national AAA standard by CMS, the national certification body for excellent management. It confirms the top management capability of Tiens leadership.
“The 4th China HR Management Convention cum Recognition Night 2007″ was held at Ying Jie Centre, Beijing University on the 20th October. Over 200 renowned entrepreneurs, scholars and government officials thronged the hall. Awards were given out to “The Best Employer in China 2007″, “The HR Icon of The Year 2007″, “The Top 10 Employers in China”.
Tiens Group was greatly honored to have won “The Best Employer In China 2007″Award!
Tiens Group was awarded “China Top Hundred Informative Enterprise 2007″in September amongst the competitors of 2000 enterprise.
Tiens Group was awarded “Nationwide Harmonious Labor Relation Model Enterprise” Honorable Title in August. This achievement significant a plenitude recognition towards “Establishment of harmony relation and building of high quality employee team” of Tiens Group . At the same time, enhance power of competitiveness of the group in the market, build up community reputation, improves society stability and harmonies.
On July 12, Tianjin Tianshi Biotech Co., Ltd. was awarded with the title of “2007 Tianjin Advanced Enterprises for Performance Model Implementation”.
On June 6, having passed a series of strict approval procedures, Tianshi Biotech Co., Ltd. was officially certified as an “Advanced Foreign-capital Technology Enterprise”.
On March 29, Tianshi Biological Development Co. Ltd was awarded the “Certificate of Hi-tech & New-tech Enterprise” with the approval of the Governing Council of Tianjin Hi-Tech Industrial Park.
On March 19th, TIENS Group was chosen as the Nominee for the “Most Loving National Enterprise of 2006 China Charity Awards”. As a leading enterprise of 2006 China Charity, TIENS Group plays a significant role promoting nationwide charity through its charity activities. The nomination demonstrates TIENS’ positive social image in charity.
On March 8th, TIENS Group Obtained Halal Certification from LP.POM-MUI in Indonesia. The Halal Certificate awarded by LP.POM-MUI is widely recognized by Muslim countries in the world, thus obtaining this certificate will increase the recognition and trust of Islamic consumers for TIENS products.
On February 4, the China Association of Chinese Medicine (CACM) awarded Tiens Group the honorary title of “Member of China Association of Chinese Medicine” at the “New Year Party” held in the Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the People.
On February 3, the “2006 Annual Meeting of the Top 500 Informatized Chinese Enterprises” was held in Beijing. The meeting was organized by the National Information Evaluation Center (NIEC) of China Electronic Commerce Association (CECA) under the guidance of the Department of IT Application Promotion, the State Council Informatization Office, the Department of Hi-Tech Development of Industrialization, the Ministry of Science and Technology; the Department of Informatization Promotion, the Ministry of the Information Industry; the Department of Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Information Center of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. During the meeting, Tiens Group successfully entered the “Top 500 Informatized Enterprises”. At the same time, the Tiens Group won the “2006 China’s Best Collaboration & Office Automation (OA) Application Award” based of its excellent performance in the field of knowledge management.
TIENS Group was awarded the “Certificate of Environmental Management Systems”. The certification of ISO14001 environmental management systems demonstrates the willingness of Tiens Group to improve and maintain the quality of the environment, reduce environmental pollution caused by various manufacturing activities; assume more social responsibility, and provide environmentally friendly products to spread a globally shared management concept.

On December 13 and 14, Tiens Group passed the on-site audit of ISO14001 Environment Management System.
On November 6, Tiens Group Audit Centre was issued the Laboratory Accreditation Certificate by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). This audit process was voluntary and demonstrates Tiens’ willingness to provide high quality product to consumers, and to undertake more social responsibility.
In September, Tianshi Biotech Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of the “Integrity Firm with Eligible & Stable Quality and Satisfactory Services” issued by the China Consumer Protection Foundation. The award shows Tiens Group’s focus on quality control while extending the product categories and services. Tiens has always followed the operating principle of Quality First and Integrity in the market.
In September, Tianshi Biotech Co., Ltd. was named one of the “2005 China’s Top 100 Taxpayers in 35 Industries,” which was recorded in the book of Collections of China’s Top 100 Taxpayers. This distinction not only showed the Tiens’ feature of “Integrity for Business”, but also confirmed its corporate philosophy of “Contributing to Society by Restoring Health to Mankind”
On July 26, three senior Jewish experts carried out an on-site inspection of kosher production of audited products in Tiens. After passing the inspection, Tiens Group was issued the Kosher Certificate on August 14.
On June 28, Tiens Group was granted the honorary title of “Global Top 500 Chinese Enterprises” at the Awarding Ceremony of the “2006 First Global Top 500 Chinese Enterprises & 2006 Global Top 500 Chinese Tycoons”, held in the small auditorium of the Great Hall of the People. The ceremony was undertaken by the Beijing International Exchange Association and Chinese Businessman Magazine Publishing House, and cosponsored by the World Eminent Chinese Business Association and China General Chamber of Commerce.
On May 18, Tiens Group was granted the honorary title of the “Enterprise with Special Contribution to the Health and Fitness Promotion of Youth” by the Ministry of Education, General Administration of Sports, Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the National Student Health and Fitness Standard Promotion Organizing Committee.
On May 18, the China Disabled Persons’Federation and the China Commission of Promotion of Publicity for the Undertakings of Chinese Disabled Persons jointly granted a certificate to Tiens Group commending the powerful support given to disabled persons.
On May 18, the China Healthcare Association issued the “Outstanding Contribution Award of Healthcare Industry” to Tiens Group, commending its prominent contribution to the China healthcare industry.
On April 28, the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) granted Tiens Group the Fraternity Medal and China Red Cross Fraternity Badge and certificate issued by RCSC President Peng Peiyun, which praised TIENS’ contribution to philanthropy.
On March 31, the First Integrity Forum of China Private Enterprise & 2005 China Top 100 Integrity Private Enterprises Awarding Ceremony was held at Chongqing Hall of the Great Hall of the People. Tiens Group was granted the honorary title of “2005 First China Top 100 Honest Private Enterprises”, which was awarded for the first time to domestic private enterprises. The 100 winners were comprised of companies that operate with integrity and support the construction a social credit system.

On October 28, Tiens was named one of China’s Top 10 Leading Firms on Corporate Culture Construction in the First Forum of the Corporate Cultural Structure of Chinese Enterprises, and the Conference of Chinese Enterprises Cultural Construction Achievement held by the Research Institute of Management Sciences of China, Chinese Cultural Information Association, and the Federation of Chinese Entrepreneurs and Experts cross Taiwan Strait.
On September 24, Tiens Group was named the 2005 China Outstanding Private Enterprise in the Third China Private Enterprise Development Forum & China Private Economy Forum (Donghu Lake) co-organized by the China Enterprise Confederation, China Entrepreneur Association, and the All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce.
On August 26, Tiens Group was issued the HACCP Food Security Management System Certification in a ceremony held at Hebei Hall of the Great Hall of the People. Tiens was the first enterprise in the domestic healthcare food industry to obtain this management system. The certification confirms that Tiens Group’s food security management has reached the leading international level.
In January, shortly before the World Consumer Right Day (March 15), Tiens Group was titled the Firm with Integrity, Quality Assurance, Service Guarantee and-Consumer’s Legal Rights Safeguard. This was the second year in a row that Tiens was given this title.

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