Aculife Tiens

Aculife Tiens
Since long time the basic problem human being is health, It is very necessary to treat diseases to have good health. If a person is sick. he will definitely go to a Doctor Doctor advised him many laboratory tests which become grate trouble for the patient. If he donot go to labs. For tests then doctor won’t be confirmed about his disease & when he reached labs. It becomes so late that the disease becomes almost incurable. But now all these problems can be solved by a very simple and small apparatus named Aculife. Aculife utilizes magic wave to perform health condltion diagnosis. It relieves general health problems by stimulating acupunchre meridians on the ear and palm which improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system





4 Responses to “Aculife Tiens”

  1. kamrul Says:

    Aculife is a most importent maschine that can make our body fit & relive from illness.

  2. Sukhi Says:

    Please advise how much is the cost for this machine?

  3. Larikwil M. Sangma Says:

    Can I have a chart of human body accupoints parts?
    Thanking you.

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