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Address : Ponpes Al-Yasini Areng2 Wonorejo Pasuruan Indonesia

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13 Responses to “Contact Us Now !”

  1. alexander Says:

    How can i joint in Australia (Melbern)

    wanna joint tiens now


    • malaysiatiens Says:

      you can go to our office in Melbourne

      Ms. Liang 83902721
      Mobile: 0433155877
      Phone: 03 98904348
      Fax: 03 98904348
      Address: Suite 4, Centro BoxHill(South) Main St, BoxHill
      VIC 3128.

      and your sponsor Id 941-90231 Mohamad Ridzwan

      Ridzwan cell phone +60163093419

  2. jean Says:

    am a student in malaysia and i would like to know where to get the spirula tablets and tiens soap as soon as possible.
    ridzwan’s cell is off and am stranded yet i need the tiens products soon.
    please asvise.thnx!

  3. malaysiatiens Says:

    you can call Ridzwan cell phone +60163093419

    cell phone is on, yesterday he have go to another country


  4. rossita ivone angelia Says:

    go excel, be diomond 🙂

  5. wangui muhoro Says:

    am highly interested in knowing you people and how you operate

  6. ashraf Says:

    hi mr mohamad rizwan i am ashraf hussain from pakistan in tiens i 3* but 3 member more requird plz help family very distributer id no 93690864.sir request join for me 3peopl

  7. ashraf Says:


  8. Wendy Panelo Says:

    hi,can you pls. tell where can i buy medicine of tiens in finland… some where in helsinki. thanks & rgds.. wendy

  9. Tulik Says:

    kami peserta workshop kewirausahaan pesantren di Al-Yasini kemarin Feb 2012 dan berminat mengikuti pembinaan 3 minggu berikutnya, berikut data kami :
    nama : Moh. Qufal dan Tulik Amaliyah, SE
    utusan dari : PP. Nurul Hasan Kedungasem Wonoasih Probolinggo
    kalaupun nantinya kami tidak terpilih dalam 40 orang peserta Pesantren Entrepeneur Camp, mohon dicatat sebagai anggota HIPSI, terimakasih

  10. Zaib Shazlie Says:

    AsalamOalekum… Dear Sir I’m Zaib from Pakistan, work for Tines as a 4* Distributor. I want to join some of my friends at my Tiens ID and I want them to use Tiens products 1st. Plz send me some resent working offices n stockists in Kuala Lumpur n Seremban.

  11. shazia Says:

    hi there. i wanna join tiens can anyone help me to join ur offfice in canada plz send me details

  12. shazia Says:

    hi there.i wanna b ur member in canada can anyone help me to get started

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